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Postby LiberatingLiberoz on Thu Apr 12, 2007 6:00 pm

Acquired this parts number listing some 8 years ago, and just found it again going through my mitsu archive hard drive 20Gigs worth :lol:

For those that are always asking for a Mitsu Part number here is a comprehensive master listing.

Mods Ive put this here as this forum doesn't have specific model sections so please feel free to move it where you think its best kept on this forum.

Enjoy :twisted:


Engine Overhaul Gasket Kit:
MD971914 Gasket set, engine overhaul
MD192031 Gasket, inlet

Cylinder Head:
MD327728 Headassy,eng.cylinder (MD334948)
MD191470 Bolt, cylinder head (11 x 97)
MD130164 Valve, exhaust
MD127840 Valve inlet
MD139243 Valve spring
MD016483 Valve collet
MD126605 Guide inlet valve
MD126608 Guide exhaust valve

Cylinder Block:
MD350928 Block assy, cylinder
MD326349 Bearing, crankshaft, Std.
MD343186 Bearing, crk.ctr,Std.SO(MD326354)
MD351820 Thrust bearing set
MD153368 Bolt, cylinder block (7pcs,10x70)
MD177374 Bolt, cylinder block (1pc, 10x70)
MD183236 Bolt, cylinder block (2pcs, 10x70)

Cover, rear plate, oil pan:
MD324053 Plate, cyl.block baffle
MF660034 Gasket, cyl.block
MD332043 Pan assy, engine oil

Piston & Crankshaft:
MD346024 Crankshaft
MD193029 Bolt, conrod
MD326359 Bearing, conrod, Std.,
MD193027 Con-rod assy
MD144215 Nut, conrod
MD326340 Piston assy., std. Evolution 3
MD313405 Ring set to suit Evo.2/3 piston
MD313406/7 Ring set, oversize
MD194278 Flywheel
MD030629 Ring gear
MD313286 Piston assy, std. Evolution 2
MD130704 Bolt
MD302074 Bolt, flywheel
MD326059 Belt, valve timing (MD327394)

Camshaft & Valve:
MD170799 Camshaft sprocket
MD343085/ Camshaft
MD310858 Camshaft Cover
MD191805 Cover, timing belt
MD191807 Cover, timing belt
MD182295 Balancing belt
MF241230 Bolt, rocker cover

Oil Pump & Oil Filter:
MD135737 Oil filter
Oil cooler tube:
MB890995 Oil cooler radiator, engine
MB890992 Hose kit, oil cooler
MB033025 Eyebolt, oil cooler line (16x33)
MD191710 Oil filter bracket assy

MR179186 Pump & gauge assy, fuel tank
Injector & Throttle Body:
MD189326 Regulator, MPI delivery pipe press.
MD322173 Throttle body
MD187380 Injector, fuel
MB658689 Fuel filter
Engine Control:
MR103557 Cable, accelerator
MD085014 ALS Valve
MD113721 Fuel pressure valve
MD145201 Boost valve

Radiator,Hose&Condenser Tank:
MB890505 Radiator assy (MB890506)
MB890991 Hose, radiator, lower
MB890990 Hose, radiator, upper
MB906056 Shroud, cooling fan
MB845001 Fan, cooling
MB924970 Motor, cooling fan
MD182467 Sensor, water temp
MD972050 Water pump kit
MD186125 V-ribbed belt, water pump/Alt.
MD030764 'O' Ring

MD620737 Air cleaner element
MD183609 Sensor, air cleaner air flow
MD171221 Seal ring, T/C
MD185805 Gasket, T/C exhaust outlet fitting
MD171220 Gasket, T/C exhaust gas inlet hole
MR187848 Washer, T/C(coned disk,10.5)
MR187699 Bolt, T/C (10x80)
MD184826 Actuator, T/C wastegate
MR239346 Turbocharger, sub assy
MR239663 Gasket, exhaust manifold
MD189460 Gasket, T/C air out fitting
MD067956 Bolt, exhaust manifold
MB924442 Intercooler Assy
MD197463 Hose, intercooler
MD195745 Hose, intercooler
MD184729 Hose, intercooler
MD187845 Hose, intercooler
MD197465 Hose, intercooler
MD302862 Hose, intercooler air
MD301582 Hose, intercooler
MD613626 Turbo housing
MD183650 Turbo oil return pipe
Exhaust Pipe & Muffler:
MR224103 Exhaust pipe, front
MB687004 Exhaust gasket
MB687002 Gasket, exhaust pipe
Secondary Air Supply:
MR239118 Valve, secondary air supply

MD172860 Starter assy, 1.2KW
Alternator & Vacuum Pump:
MD153843 Alternator, 90Amp
MD190819 Alternator, 75A
Electrical Control:
MD192126 Coil, ignition
MD192127 Transistor, ignition power
MD184529 Sensor, engine crank angle
MD614662 Throttle position sensor
MD195229 Ignition lead set
MD099628 Resistor, injectors

Clutch & Clutch Release:
MD719925 Bearing, clutch release (MD749998)
MD748125 Clutch cover
MD745530 Clutch disc
MF473492 Bolt,cylinder ass, clutch master
MB012161 Cylinder kit, clutch master
Clutch Control:
MR297525 Clutch master cylinder (MB555413)
MD745508 Cyl assy, clutch release(MD770488)
MD972448 Cylinder kit, clutch release

MD974293 Transmission assy
MD748833 Transfer assy
MD997740 Liquid gasket, M/T 21090 01
M/T Gear:
MD747888 Input shaft
MD747250 3rd gear
MD747376 4th gear
MD707184 Oil seal
MD719710 Oil seal
MD741818 Oil seal, input shaft
MD745477 Synchro ring
MD745892 Synchro ring
MD746435 Ring assy, M/T 2nd gear
MD746439 Ring, input shaft
MD747255 Synchro ring
MD732314 Bearing, input (MT372041)
MD736643 Bearing, M/T diff. case
MD736638 Bearing, M/T intermediate Gear
MD736641 Bearing, M/T intermediate gear
MD736642 Bearing, M/T input shaft
MD720948 Spacer
MD720949 Spacer, M/T output shaft
MD720951 Spacer, M/T output shaft
MD720953 Spacer, M/T output shaft
MD720955 Spacer, M/T output shaft
MD720958 Spacer, M/T output shaft
MD720961 Spacer, M/T output shaft
MD727658 Spacer, M/T output shaft
MD727659 Spacer, M/T output shaft
MD727660 Spacer, M/T output shaft
MB185360 Shim set, pinion front
MB185350 Shim set, pinion rear
MB241903 Spacer set
MB044434 Spacer, pinion bearing
MA180841 Spacer, pinion bearing
MD707184 Oil seal, side bearing
MB393929 Oil seal diff.pinion
MD743361 Output shaft

M/T Gearshift Control:
MB948584 Gearshift cable set
MD723202 Oil seal, transfer box
MD701430 Oil seal transfer box
MD743421 Nut T/F
MD731948 Nut M/T power train

Transfer Gear:
MD747991 Spacer, T/F
MD749819 Spacer, T/F
MD746950 Spacer, power train
MD746745 Bearing,T/F driven shaft gear
MD728354 Bearing

MB661722 Shaft assy, propeller(MB919106)
MB837576 Propshaft centre bearing
MB837576 Propshaft centre bearing

MB936359 Shaft assy, Fr. axle drive LH
MR165842 Shaft assy, Fr. axle drive RH
MB526696 Shaft, Fr.axle, inner
MB526956 Bearing kit, front axle shaft
MB297732 Spacer, fr.axle
MB297860 Bolt, Fr. axle
MF450406 Washer, Fr. axle
MR222634 Boot kit, driveshaft, front outer
MB937307 Boot kit, driveshaft, front inner

Front Axle Hub & Drum:
MR171013 Knuckle, LH
MR171014 Knuckle, RH
MB948962 Hub assy, Fr.wheel
MB573309 Oil seal, fr.wheel hub,inner
MB303875 Oil seal,fr.wheel hub, outer
MB303868 Snap ring, Fr. wheel hub
MB950886 Disc, Fr.brake
MB303865 Bearing, fr.wheel hub

Rear Axle Differential:
MR162904 Carrier assy, rear diff.
MB664603 Cover, rr.diff.carrier
MR166619 Differential kit, LSD
MB160496 Disc, rr.LSD, friction
MB160497 Disc, rr.LSD, friction
MB160500 Plate, rr.LSD, friction
MR195402 Plate, rr.LSD, spring

Rear Axle Drive Shaft:
MR195538 Joint & shaft kit, rear axle
MB620942 Joint kit, rear shaft, LH/RH
MB109029 Nut, rear axle driveshaft
MB109025 Washer, rear axle driveshaft
MB620943 Boot kit, driveshaft, rear outer
MR196877 Boot kit, driveshaft, rear inner

Rear Axle Hub & Drum:
MB864997 Hub assy, rear wheel
MB663547 Bearing rear wheel hub
MB663832 Snap ring, rear wheel hub
MB699289 Disc, rear brake

Front Susp. Arm & Member:
MR223711 Member, front axle center
MR171038 Crossmember, Fr.axle No.1
RA171038N1 Crossmember, Fr.axle No.1 LHD
MR171042 Stabilizer bar, front (anti-roll bar)
MR179115 Arm assy,fr.susp.lwr.LH
MR179116 Arm assy, fr.susp.lwr.RH
MR131680 Link,fr.susp.stabilizer
MR171442 Bracket, front ARB

Rear Suspension:
MB844911 Member, rr diff upper
MB809315 Support, rr.diff.,rear
MB844918 Bolt,rr.diff.mounting(12x70)
MB515260 Bolt,diff.,rear support mounting
MR171994 Crossmember,rr.suspension
MR197603 Link assy,rr.susp.assist
MR197004 Bracket, rear ARB
MR197609 Arm assy.rr.suspn.Lwr.LH
MR197610 Arm assy.rr.suspn.Lwr.RH
MR102055 Arm assy.rr.suspn.trailing LH
MR102056 Arm assy.rr.suspn.trailing RH
MF240082 Bolt,rr.suspn.upr.arm
MB809345 Bolt.ind't.rr.suspn.arm
MF240081 Bolt,rr.suspn.assist link
MB809335 Bolt,rr.suspn.lower arm
MB809338 Plate,rr.suspn.lwr.arm
MB809354 Link assy.,rr.suspn.,stabilizer bar

Parking Brake:
MB806052 Cable, parking brake, Rr.
MB806053 Cable, parking brake, Rr.RH
MB520216 Retainer, parking brake cable

Front Wheel Brake:
MB950176 Caliper kit, Fr.brake, LH
MB950177 Caliper kit, Fr. brake, RH
MB857840 Seal kit, Fr. brake caliper pistons
MB151403 Bolt, Fr. brake caliper mount
MF450407 Washer, Fr. brake caliper mount
MB928049 Front brake pad set (MR389544)

Rear Wheel Brake:
MR205148 Caliper kit, rr. brake, LH
MR205149 Caliper kit, rr. brake, RH
MB857875 Seal kit, rr.brake caliper
MB699304 Adaptor, rr.brake caliper, LH
MB699305 Adaptor, rr.brake caliper, RH
MB928314 Rear brake pad set (MR389565)

Power Brake Booster:
MR129408 Booster assy., brake

Brake & Clutch Pedal:
MB911453 Member, pedal support(MB911452)
MB807211 Pedal, brake

Brake Master Cylinder:
MB699543 Cylinder assy.,brake master
MB928457 Cylinder kit, brake master (15/16")

Steering Gear:
MR171023 Gear & link assy, P/S (strg.rackasy)
MB912076 End assy, tie rod
MR130807 Tie rod, steering
MB350581 Bellows, steering gear
37-110 Power Steering, Oil Pump:
MR171022 Oil pump assy, P/S (type B)
MR103363 Seal kit, P/S oil pump
MD184363 V-belt, P/S oil pump (640mm)

Power Steering, Oil Line:
MB870010 Hose, P/S oil pressure
MR198059 Tube, P/S oil cooler
MB815094 Reservoir

Front Bumper & Support:

MR208675 Face kit, bumper
MB907803/4 Side sill,ft.floor,outer, LH/RH
MR236036 Reinforcement, fr.bumper (
MR236035 Net, fr.bumper (MB909093)
MR236033 Net, grille
MR236033/34 Net, ft.bumper,LH/RH

Rear Bumper & Support:
MR208676 Face kit,rr.bumper,wte(MR162626)
MB826710 Reinforcement, rr.bumper
MR236218 Air dam, rr.bumper side, LH
MR236223 Air dam, rr.bumper side, RH
MB945090 Hood (bonnet)

Fender & Front End Cover:
MB945121 Fender, fr.,LH (MB861663)
MB945122 Fender, fr.,RH

Front End Panel:
MB945077 Panel, support assy. headlamp
MB945084 Panel, h/lamp support, lower
MR178183 Fender,shield (inner wing/chassis leg-MR178184/85)
MB945077 Support panel

Windshield Glass & Moulding:
MR743075 Glass, windshield (green)
MR109930 Spacer, windshield
MB292508 Dam, windshield
MB696789 Moulding, windshield, upper

Roof & Lid:
MB835969 Roof panel

Side Structure:
MB835899 Pillar, ft.outer, LH
MB835900 Pillar, ft.outer, RH
MB835903/4 Quarter panel, outer, LH/RH
MB696803 Roof moulding, LH
MR236208 Panel, air dam skirt (front splitter)
MR178187/ Sidemember assy, ft.LH/RH

Rear End Structure:
MB861645/46 Panel, rear door, LH/RH

Rear Window Glass & Moulding:
MR743081 Glass, rear window (green)
MB814156 Spacer, rr.window
MB814159 Dam, rr. window (MB292508)
MB696794 Moulding, rr.window, lower
MB696792 Moulding, rr.window, upper
MB814176 Clip, rr. window moulding

Trunk Lid & Lock:
MB945092 Panel, trunk lid

Front Door Panel & Glass:

MR179645 Panel assy, front door, LH
MB797788 Trim panel
MB907785 Panel assy, rr. door, LH
MB794095 Glass, ft. door, LH
MB819551 Handle front door, outside, LH
MB819552 Handle front door, outside, RH
MB819558 Handle, rr.door outside, RH
MB861633/34 Panel, front door, LH (skin)

Side Garnish & Moulding:
MR208677 Air dam kit, side, LH 62209L 01 £265.84
MR208678 Air dam kit, side, RH 62209R 01 £265.84

Rear Garnish & Moulding:
MR747453 Air spoiler, rear

Outside Rear View Mirror:
MB696939 Mirror assy., door, LH
MB696940 Mirror assy., door, RH
MB696853 Mirror & holder, LH
MB696854 Mirror & holder, RH

Mud Guard, Shield & Stone Guard:
MB959647 Shield kit, splash, fr.LH (rear)
MR178797 Shield kit, splash, fr.LH (front)
MB959648 Shield kit, splash, fr.RH (rear)
MB178798 Shield kit, splash, fr.RH (front)
MB907181 Shield kit, splash, rear, LH
MB907182 Shield kit, splash, rear, RH
MB889067 Cover, engine room under, LH

Front Exterior Lamp:
MR108013 Headlamp, body, LH
MR108014 Headlamp, body, RH
MB821171 Lamp assy, turn signal, fr.side
MR221701 Lamp assy,turn signal,frt.LH(orange)

MR221702 Lamp assy,turn signal,frt.RH(orange)

Rear Exterior Lamp:
MB907245 Lamp kit, combination, rear LH
MB907246 Lamp Kit, combination, rear RH
MB859305 Lamp, rr.combi.
MR221543 Lamp assy, high mounted stop

Windshield Wiper & Washer:
MB881331 Arm assy, windshield wiper(dvr)
MB881333 Arm assy, windshield wiper(psgr)
MB912105 Blade set, windshield wiper(425/500)

Switch & Cigar Lighter:
MR109195 Intercooler washer nozzle
MB802341 Switch column (MB802345)
MB926917/18 Hinge
MR700987/92 Garnish hood LH/RH(bonnet air outlets)
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Postby qiksilvr3 on Thu Apr 12, 2007 6:42 pm

Good stuff John. Thanks
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