filling the radiator

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filling the radiator

Postby Anthony on Thu Feb 26, 2004 9:08 am

1. Filling it right up while engine is off. This can take a while as
bubbles work there way through.
2. Then start the engine and keep adding coolant as it idles and works
it through the engine, also have the heater on to 2/3 while you do this
to get bubbles out of it. Once the heat and pressure rises enough that
it starts to overflow out the filling hole its time to put the cap on.
It should take close to what your model's coolant capacity by this
(in the service manual).
3. Let the engine fully warm up, then cool down, then check the level
again and top up.

That seems to get it close, sometimes it is still a little bit down,
like maybe one filler tanks worth after a drive and recheck of the

Would also check it after the next 2-3 drives for peace of mind.

Nulon Antifreeze would be something I recommend. Of course I sell them. But there are heaps of other brand coolant on the market which doesn't vary too much. Some might even use distilled water.... not recommended.
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