Whats next? Painting wise...

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Whats next? Painting wise...

Postby ADAMTME on Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:28 pm

Hey guys, been working on my TME body work the last couple months and finally now mostly finished thanks to the long weekend.

What happened was, my side skirts, rear bar and wing were burnt when my car threw a rod, causing flames to come out the back and sides.

The plastic body parts were all melted and went ripply on the surface.
Instead of replacing them, i sanded them down to bare bare bare plastic with 80 grit sand paper. Got them nice and flat and furry, lol.

So i got rid of all the ripplness and went through the wet rub stages, ie; 180 grit, 240grit, 400grit.

Then i sprayed plastic sealer on the bear plastic, waited to dry then sprayed spray putty on the surface.
Sanded that back with wet rub 400grit, alowed to dry then sprayed primer filler over that. Sanded back with wet rub 400grit then wet rub 800 grit.

In a few areas, ie; corners and deep areas, the sand paper has rubbed through the primer, does this matter for when it is painted?
Ill attatch a few pic to show u what i mean, if u can see them

Now am just wondering, am i ready for spray painting? Being a Motor Mechanic i have F**K all idea!

Also would this be the same process for metal work, ie; boot?

PS, does anybody know wa good spray painter or a bussiness who could spray?
I can organise a spray booth, just need someone to supply pain and paint 2x sides skirts, 2x boots, 1x wing, 1xrear bar, 1x front bar

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