cruise control - aftermarket evo 7

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cruise control - aftermarket evo 7

Postby noozle on Fri Nov 13, 2009 9:30 am

Hi All,

will be doing some long trips for work soon and looking for cruise control kit for my evo 7. Seem to be a few kits out there ranging from $200-$800. Has anyone used any or have any comments on what models i require? Most seem to have a vacuum actuator controlling the throttle, i thought these would not work on turbo cars? as when you hit a hill you will be making boost and not pulling the throttle in more? cheaper ones have a magnet on your tail shaft to check the speed and the more expensive ones hook into your speed sensor, much of an advantage for the ones that read from the ecu?
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Re: cruise control - aftermarket evo 7

Postby RS EVO on Fri Nov 13, 2009 11:41 am

vacuum ones will work on turbo cars, ive had one on a R33 Skyline when i did alot of long distance driving and it worked fine. Sometimes, depending on the unit take alittle extra time to get them set up for smooth response but once set correctly work as if it were factory. If you use a vacuum or electric cruise always connect to a good speed signal source either at the back of the cluster or ECU. Magnets just give alot of trouble(they fall off, if the distance isn't right they dont get a signal). I assume the Evo 7 isn't fly-by-wire throttle otherwise you will need to spend $800-1000 for a cruise control. The one i had on my Skyline, which i still have if your interested was around $400-500 think it is a Aus Cruise unit, I think anything cheaper then that and the quality starts to go down hill.
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