Phillcom Rally Time Attack Series 2010 - Tyre Regulations

Round 2 of the Phillcom Rally Time Attack Series 2010 at Mallala Motor Sport Park! SUNDAY 25TH JULY!

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Phillcom Rally Time Attack Series 2010 - Tyre Regulations

Postby Catford on Mon Apr 19, 2010 11:43 pm

Phillcom Rally Time Attack Series 2010

The Phillcom Rally Time Attack Series 2010 has introduced DOT performance tyre restrictions, which will add a dynamic dimension and tighter competition throughout all classes. ONLY true semi-slick and all obvious street compound tyres will be permitted.

As a guide to true semi-slick DOT performance tyres, competitors are permitted to use the following tyres:

Bridgestone: RE540S, RE55S, RE01R, RE070

Dunlop: D01J, DZ02G, DZ03G, D83J, D93J, SP Sport Maxx

Toyo: Proxes R888, Trampio R881, Proxes RA-1

Yokohama Advan: A048R, AO50R, A032R

Silverstone: FTZ RR, S585, S575

Hankook: Ventus Z221 TD, Ventus Z222 RS3

Falken: Azenis RT615, Ziex ZE-912, Ziex ZE-512, Ziex ZE-329, FK 452, Ziex S/TZ04, Azenis ST-115

BF Goodrich: G-Force T/A KDW, G-Force Sport

Nitto: NT555R

Pirelli: P Zero C, P Zero Corsa

Federal: 595RSR

Kumho: Ecsta V700, Ecsta V70A, KU36

Michelin: Pilot Sport Cup, Pilot Sport PS2

Full and grooved slick compound tyres, including Hoosier A3S05 / R3S05 are prohibited.

If competitors wish to confirm their Time Attack tyre choice complies or wish to add to the above list, please contact the event organisers at

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