2010 ASP/Cut Price Adelaide Hills Tarmac Rally

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Supaloc Racing have dominated the ASP Adelaide Hills Rally, with the Lamborghini of Kevin Weeks and John Allen winning the event and the Mitsubishi EVO VIII of Andrew Burnard and Brian Virgo finishing second outright.

While Weeks's win in the powerful Lamborghini met expectations, it was Burnard's performance in the Supaloc Suspension and Damper (Supashock)-shod Evo that really raised eyebrows. Burnard was ecstatic with the Evo's handling.

“We had to change the car back to using pump fuel, because we weren't allowed to run E85,” he said. “I wasn't confident about how we would go in the rally because I knew it would rob us of some horsepower.

“At the beginning of the rally, I was losing time to some of the other competitors because they had more powerful vehicles, but once we got into the tight and twisty stages, we just carved them up.

“The Supaloc suspension totally transformed the car's handling. The normal issue with Evos has always been massive understeer, but once we installed the Supaloc suspension, the understeer just disappeared and the car was beautifully balanced. On one stage, I was 20 seconds faster than last year, even though we had less power.

“It really gives you a lot of confidence when you know exactly when you need to turn into a corner, and the car will respond accordingly.

“It was really good to beat such quality opposition in cars with great pedigree.”


The Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera R also ran faultlessly, much to the delight of Supaloc Racing Technical Director Oscar Fiorinotto and the Supaloc Racing team members, who worked absolutely tirelessly just to make a start in the event.

“The lead-up to the event was less than ideal,” Fiorinotto said. “We had another engine failure due to a problem with the oil system, and the team worked tirelessly for two days straight and only just made the start of the rally.

“Once we started the rally, Kevin was never really challenged and everything ran like clockwork. I'm confident we have the technical problems sorted now.

“Kevin was particularly happy with the seamless shift gearbox. We have to especially thank Ole Buhl Racing and Reiter Engineering for their help with its development.

“The ASP Rally was also run very professionally, and it was enjoyable to compete in. Hopefully we see some more national competitors racing there in the future.”

The next challenge for the Supaloc Racing team will come this weekend at Eastern Creek, when Kevin Weeks steps into his newly-acquired Lamborghini Gallardo GT car for Round 3 of the Australian GT Championship.

“It will be good to give Kevin some miles in circuit racing again and familiarise himself with aerodynamics in a circuit environment. The goal will be to get some good, consistent results and establish Supaloc Racing within the GT ranks,” Fiorinotto concluded.

ASP/Cut Price Adelaide Hills Tarmac Rally 2010

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