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SA Time Attack

The event is held on the 27th of July 2019 at The Bend Motorsport Park, Tailem Bend South Australia.

The main component of the event is SA Time Attack. While that action is happening on track, there will be a Show & Shine event hosted by one of SA’s premier organisations to display SA’s hottest cars. There will be a Vendor Lane to showcase local SA businesses right next to the action of the Show & Shine.

Time Attack originated in Japan in the 80s as a proving ground for street-tuned cars built by highly respected tuning companies. With a quick rise in popularity, the event became well-known and tuner shops started developing race cars purpose-built for the event. Within a short period of time the Time Attack format has spread throughout the world, with the US, UK, New Zealand and Australia all hosting their own events. The most exciting thing about this type of racing is the fact that the rules are limited almost purely to the safety aspects meaning the vehicles can have almost unlimited modifications making for some seriously spectacular on-track action.

The 2019 SA Time Attack will be aligned with the ethos of Time Attack origins, namely tyres approved for street use, ie semi slicks in the Open and Pro Classes or street tyres in the Clubsprint and street classes with slick and grooved slick racing tyres being prohibited.

The 2019 SA Time Attack has aligned the regulations with the interstate Time Attack events to ensure that if a car has been set up for interstate events, it can run in SA Time Attack as well. We have introduced a Street class which is unique to SA to encourage grass roots competition.

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